Powering the Nation and the Region

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Transmission Projects

Connection of North Western Province To National Grid.


The transmission development projects are being undertaken in support of increased access to electricity and improved quality of service. ZESCO operates five diesel fired power stations in North-Western located in; Mwinilunga, Mufumbwe, Kabompo, Zambezi and Chavuma. The older districts of Mwinilunga, Kabompo, and Zambezi have been on diesel power stations for approximately 40 years now. Solwezi and Kasempa are the only two districts in the province supplied from the grid through a 66 kV line from Luano near Chingola.

Optic Fibre Network.


ZESCO is about to complete the second phase of the installation of Optical Fiber Network on high voltage power lines extending it to the Western, Eastern, Northern, Muchinga and Luapula Provinces. The main purpose of establishing the optic fibre network is to ensure that the provision of electricity from the point of generation to the point of supply to the customers is done efficiently, reliably and safely.

Kalumbila Transmission Project.


First Quantum Minerals (FQM) Limited is in the process of establishing a new copper mine at Kalumbila. The mine feasibility studies and development have reached an advanced stage. In order to enable mine development and operations for Kalumbila, ZESCO Limited has been requested to supply the anticipated maximum demand of 230 MW to the new mine site.

Replacement of Protection Relays for Generators and Transformers at Kariba, Victoria Falls, Musonda Falls and Chishimba Falls Power Stations.


Replacement of defective relays at Kariba North Power Station, Victoria Falls Power Station; replacement of protection relays for generators and transformers at Musonda Falls Power Station and Chishimba Power station.

Improvement of Protection and Control Relays at Various Substations and Lines.


Install new protection and control relays at the major substations and on transmission lines.

Substation Control System for 330kv Main Substations.


This project involves the replacement of the existing Control System at all the major transmission substation with a modern control system. A Substation Control System will be installed to replace the conventional control system at Luano and the existing SAT and PSCN control systems at Kitwe and other substations. The old electro-mechanical relays will be replaced during the project.

Integration of Victoria Falls Scada System to National Control Centre.


The project involves the connectivity of Victoria Falls power station SCADA system to the National Dispatching Centre – NCC.

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