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Distribution Projects

Euro bond Financed Projects.


The government of the Republic of Zambia (GRZ) has allocated USD69 million from the USD750 million Euorbond proceeds towards the rehabilitation and expansion of the distribution network infrastructure. The scope of works under this component includes the construction of new substations, upgrading of existing substation, replacement of obsolete switch gear and upgrading of the high tension underground cables in major towns.

ZESCO Financed Projects.


ZESCO has financed a number of distribution projects and the major ones include the upgrading of Luangwa 66/11kV substation in Kitwe, Upgrading of Skyways 66/33/11kV substation in Ndola and Construction of Kwamwena 33/11kV substation in Lusaka. The total cost of the ZESCO financed projects is USD15.7million.

Lusaka Transmission and Distribution Rehabilitation Project.


Install new protection and control relays at the major substations and on transmission lines. Environmental and social Management Plan Attached

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