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Other Directorates


Human Resources & Administration is responsible for recruitment placement, retention and resourcing of employees. It provides development and training of a skilled labour force and training interventions for its employees. It looks after the employees’ welfare such interpretations of conditions of service and other labour laws. Human Resources is also responsible for discipline of employees. It further supports programs and takes care of Human Resource related matters under the Directorate of Distribution and Customer Service and also management of Industrial Relations.


The major role of the Finance Directorate is to provide working capital for the company. This is from the day to day financial needs for the running of the company, to the financing of all projects being undertaken. The Finance Directorate is in charge of selling and collecting revenue to and from different categories of customers. It is also responsible for the billing process of the Mining, Maximum Demand, Commercial and Domestic customers. The role of the Directorate is also to provide financial reports to advise management on the performance of the company. It also provides audit financial statements to assess how the company is performing and thus inform stakeholders of ZESCO operations.


The Directorate is in charge of long term sustainable business performance, operational execution of both business and social investments, and research. In addition, the Strategy and Corporate Services Directorate is also responsible for stakeholder management in liaison with Government agencies and supervision of support services, strategy formulation, monitoring and evaluation regulatory functions on behalf of the company to Energy Regulation Board (ERB) and Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA). It is also in charge of negotiation of Power Purchase Power Agreements and Bulk Supply Agreements Management of tariff application. The Directorate further evaluates proposals done by the company.


The Legal Directorate is charged with the responsibility of dispensing legal advice to all departments of the corporation. It helps interpret laws that govern the corporation and helps with security matters that affect ZESCO. It provides company secretarial services to the Board of Directors and other committees. The Directorate negotiates high level contracts on behalf of ZESCO. It also represents ZESCO in all civil matters where the company is either defendant or suing. It further advises and deals in conveyancing issues where ZESCO acquires or disposes of property. The Directorate also liaises with Government in the acquisition of loans for capital projects.

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