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SMS Service

SMS Power is a two way communication facility between ZESCO as a service provider and its customers through Short Messaging System using the cellular phone. SMS Power is an efficient, cost effective, user- friendly and convenient communication tool. The service is available to all service providers namely Airtel, Zamtel and MTN.

Benefits of SMS Service

  • Load shedding & planned shutdowns in your area – As such, you will be able to plan for power outages.
  • Personalised Monthly billing advice and outstanding balances due for payment.
  • Fault occurrences on the power system network and resolution plans & times for peace of mind.
  • Information on new products and services that ZESCO introduces for customers’ benefit.
  • Customer Initiated Inquiries – Customers are able to initiate enquiries regarding balances and a short version of their billing statement any time.

Registration Via SMS

To register using your cellphone simply type: joinsms (leave space) your ZESCO Account number (leave space) 1234 and send to 3600. NB: Please note that “Joinsms” is one word and your personalized pin must be 4 digits.

This is the fastest method; You will receive an immediate response with further instruction confirming your registration.

Registration at a Customer Center

Present your cell phone number and service number details at any of our Customer Service and ask to be registered for SMS Power

Using the SMS Power

For account balance Send "bal pin (1234) to 3600 For meter reading Send" meter pin (1234) to 3600.

For mini account statement (last four {4} transactions) Send "changepin " to 3600

Deregistration Via SMS

Customers are now able to delete an account from their mobile phones by sending the message below to 3600:- Delete send to 3600.

To delete an account with service number 2468123 the customer should send the message below:- Delete 2468123 1234 then this should be sent to 3600.

Customers are also able to send an sms to the 3600 number which will be received in an e-mail address defined at call centre to report a fault or just for any information e.g., a customer may send a text message reporting an occurrence and this message will be translated into an e-mail which will be received in your defined e-mail address. This is to help you de-congest your lines at call centre. A group email account [email protected] is operational which will handle all your SMS queries. Kindly send all your queries/concerns to this account so that you are attended to without much delay.

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