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Prepaid Metering

Prepayment Metering

Prepayment Metering is another method of paying for electricity. A Prepaid Meter enables you to buy electricity units in affordable quantities before use. The prepayment meter works the same way as a pre-paid cell phone system, Pay as you use!

Where has Prepayment Metering worked?

Prepayment Metering was first implemented as a pilot project in Lusaka’ Emmasdale Township in 2002. Following a successful evaluation of the project which revealed a greater appreciation of the product by our customers, the project was rolled out in Lusaka and subsequently the Copperbelt. At present 120,000 customers are enjoying the benefits of the Prepaid Meters. Results indicate that most customers countrywide are very satisfied with the prepayment metering system as it confers several benefits to the customers.

Benefits of using Prepaid Meters

Prepaid Meters have the following benefits to our customers; No accrued debts, Able to budget, Able to control the usage of electricity, Able to buy as little as K20.00, Quality of supply providing protection for your home appliances, No meter reading, No monthly bills, No accrued bills

What happens if you lose the card?

To buy your electricity units, simply present an old cash sale receipt which also carries your unique meter number. A fee will apply for a replacement..

Safe way of using the Prepaid Meter

Below are some tips on the wiring of your premises;

Always engage qualified and competent contractors who will ensure that: All metal fittings such as pipes, iron sheets, metal boxes etc. are properly boned to earth. This will protect your family from electric shock. All live circuits are clear from earth and each other to avoid short circuits. This will ensure your investment is safe from electric fire. There is continuity on the current path. Correctly rated cables, miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) and associated components are used. All connected are tight.

How to buy electricity units?

The Prepaid Meter comes with a card that will be given to you after your meter has been installed. When buying units, the vendor will give you a cash sale receipt, showing how much you have spent and how many units are to be credited in your meter as well as the date of purchase. To credit your meter, simply key in the 20 digit figure that appears on your cash sale receipt and your meter will be credited immediately.

Where to buy electricity units?

ZESCO will install vending machines in various places nearest to you where you can buy your units any time. The main vending channels available to the customer are: ZESCO service center outlets Through our agents known as third party vendors located at various grocery stores or filling stations near to your homes Customers can register with the Xapit or AIRTEL Money Systems which are already connected to ZESCO prepayment system. These are designed to allow customers to initiate transactions and carry out electronic purchase of electricity units via voucher numbers that are transmitted directly to their cell phones.

ZESCO will continue creating more avenues for you our customer to find purchasing of prepayment units even more convenient

Locate Nearest Customer Centre

Locate Nearest Prepaid Vendor

Facts About Prepaid Metering

1 Prepaid Meters are not for SALE 2 Each meter has a unique number that is used to buy units. The units can be replaced if you lose your cash sale receipt.No one can use your card on another meter? 3 Upon Installation of the meter, ZESCO will credit your meter with 50 units to give you a fresh start! 4 You will have two options regarding the outstanding bill once the new meter is installed at your premises as follows; Clear all outstanding bills A fixed percentage of the paid up amount to go to the historical bill each time you buy electricity units until you clear the outstanding bill. 5 For each month you buy units you will be expected to pay for the other charges and taxes such as Value Added Tax (VAT) and excise duty. In addition, if you own a television set and pay through the ZESCO scheme you will continue paying the TV license. The charges will be reflected on the cash sale receipt. 6 The meter continually stores all settings and values so that if power is disconnected it has a complete picture of the status. Once the power is reconnected it will continue from its last state. 7 Before a new customer’s premise is connected to the ZESCO network, ZESCO will carry out the following tests: Earth rod resistance which should be less than 10 ohms. Insulation resistance and the value should not be less than 1 ohms. Continuity bonding of all the metal parts

Prepaid Third Party Vendors (TPVs) Application Requirements

Third Party Vendors (TPVs) are selected retailers who vend (sell pre-paid electricity units) on behalf of ZESCO Ltd in selected locations and electricity is sold at the same rate as ZESCO Centres and pay points. Requirements for One to be a Third Party Vendor

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