Powering the Nation and the Region

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CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

ZESCO Limited as a corporate citizen makes contributions to various projects, and socio–economic activities in all its areas of operation
· Health
· Education
· Sports


ZESCO compensates displaced citizens in areas where they carry out various infrastructural projects in Generation and Transmission

Community Support

The Corporation also makes donations to community groups and organizations catering for diverse social and economic needs e.g stocking of fingerlings in Shiwa dam

Participation in Social Events

The Corporation contributes to and participates in events that advance various causes. These include the International Women’s Day, World AIDS Day, Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) Annual Race, International Environment Day and the Zambia Intercompany Relay.

Current CSR Projects

Upgrade of Siavonga High School

ZESCO spent over K40 Million, to rehabilitate and upgrade Siavonga High School, originally constructed by Kariba North Bank Company Limited (KNB) in 1999. Siavonga district only has four High Schools, thirty-three basic schools and nine community schools which are all day schools, with limited infrastructure.

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